Teaterøen is located at the edge of Reshaleøen (Refshale Island). Even though it can feel like quite a journey to reach the outskirts of Copenhagen, it is actually just a ten minute bikeride from Kongens Nytorv. If you are not into biking you can hop on the harbour bus (992) or bus 2A, or drive. Below is a video guide on how to get here (in Danish). Otherwise Google Maps offers directions for all of the transportation options mentioned above.


Just remember to type in or look for the right building when you arrive:

  • Kasernen: William Wains gade 11

  • Magneten: William Wains gade 18

  • Annekset: Refshalevej 320


There are signs that show the directions.


See you at Teaterøen!

find vej_2a.png



You can hop on 2A almost all the way to Teaterøen. Get off at the last stop, Refshaleøen. From here it is only a five-ten minute walk to Teaterøen. Follow the signs or type in the address in google maps. 2A stops among other places at Copenhagen Central Station, Vesterport Station and Christianshavn station. See the itinerary here.  

HAVNEBUSSEN – The Habour bus

The harbour bus sails between Nyhavn (New Haven) and Knippelbro. It is possible to bring your bike on the harbour bus. From the Refshaleøen stop it is only a five-ten minute walk to Teaterøen. Se the itinerary here.


The ride to Teaterøen takes only around ten minutes from Kongens Nytorv and can be quite a journey in itself. Along the waterfront, over the small bridges, past new and old (upcoming and reminiscant) buidlings. Keep an eye out for our signs on your trip.


Type in the address on your GPS or phone – William Wains Gade 11, 1432 Kbh K. 

Parking is available via Europark